Lately, I've been thinking.

your friendship pass is about to EXPIRE!

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How long are you suppose to wait before cutting all ties or giving up on someone who does not seem to give a shit either way if you are friends or not? Is there an expiration date on these sort of things?

Isn’t a true friend supposed to be there for you no matter what? And vice versa? Whether they are there to talk to, party with, bullshit with, confide in, laugh with, etc. I fully understand that there are different levels of friendships with people. But when do you decide to trim the fat so to speak and cut off those who are just bringing you down or doing nothing to enhance your well-being WHAT-SO-FUCKING-EVER!?

What if lately it has been a one way street, a one way friendship? All give, no get.

It is the same with any relationship. There should be an equal balance of give and take. But what if lately all you are doing is giving and all they are doing is taking?

I have no room or time in my life for “FAIR WEATHER FRIENDS”. So if that is what you have chosen to be with me, forget it! Either move on, or fill out the Friendship Renewal Form listed below, via comment.

Thank you!


How/When We Met:

Why You Consider Us Friends:

Your Favorite Memory With Me:

Why You Believe We Should REMAIN Friends:

*I fully understand that this seems highly narcissistic, but trust me, it is also highly necessary.

Written by melissalately

February 1, 2010 at 5:42 pm

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